Tutorial: Design iPhone App Interface

App developing is increasing and so is the demand for UI/UX designers. Thousands of projects, start-ups etc. It’s a good opportunity for us to take those jobs.

Top Free Resources of 2012

It’s the time of the year when everyone posts articles and videos of the top 10 [something] of [year]. The majority of web design related sites are full of free resources, but in my opinion most of them suck. Here are the sites that don’t.

New trend in web design


Everything seems so blurry these days, i am not sure if i need a pair of glasses or designers just got crazy

Tutorial: Awesome Interface for iPad App


This is my first tutorial, i decided to try and see if it’s going to be useful to people. I think there is a lack of decent UI design tutorials out there. This one may not be the best, but it’s a starting point, leave your comments so i can improve it.

The Daily Dribbble #6

Today’s dose of inspiration.

Freebie: Mini Shopping Cart

This is the second freebie i made for the blog, its very small and simple. Hope it’s useful.

Passion or Business?

Have you ever worked with people who don’t really care about the web? People who aren’t interested in new technologies, standards and making sites the right way, instead they are only interested in the quantity of the sites they’ll create and the money they will earn.

The Daily Dribbble #5

Caution! Contains highly inspirational dribbble shots, may cause puking rainbows.

Awesome sites #2

I often stumble upon awesome and useful sites. Here i post sites that are new to me, so you may know some of them already. Note that not all of them are design related.

Freebie: Categories UI

This is simple UI element, that i recently created for a project. I decided to share it for free, hope it’s useful.